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Sarah Kieffer guest pins for Relish on heritage, memories, and recipes that build tradition in the kitchen. See more of Sarah at her beautiful blog:
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Large gatherings can be more stressful than memorable, but something as simple as a yogurt bar can change that up.

Cardamom is another ingredient we love, and I put it in almost everything. Cardamom Pistachio Cake | Hungry Ghost

Basil is an ingredient my whole family loves, and we like to use it in unusal ways. Strawberry Galette with Basil whipped cream - Martha Stewart Recipes

One of our favorite things to do on car trips as a family is listen to Test Kitchen's Radio show. We learn so much about our food. Radio | The Feed

Recipes that allow you to prep the night before are always wonderful, and take away some stress when entertaining. overnight pancakes |

This is one of our most favorite soups. It's on heavy rotation during the winter months. Cheddar Corn Chowder | Vanilla Bean Blog

no-knead bread has been a life saver in our home! no-knead sandwich bread | bread in five

Using bright, fun, colors in cooking has helped our little ones try things they normally wouldn't. Purple Carrot and Apple Soup | A Thought For Food

My favorite moments in the kitchen are times spent with my children, letting them help and teaching them new things. cardamom flatbread

Side dishes can be memorable, too. We like to make them exciting by adding our favorite ingredients. winter salad with bacon & caramel apple vinaigrette | {local milk}

This is a lovely addition to a winter brunch. Blood Orange Gin Sparkler | 101 Cookbooks

This no-churn ice cream is a staple in our home during the summer. It's so easy to make, and ready to eat in 6 hours. no-churn coffee ice cream with cacao nibs

This is another wonderful gluten-free recipe my family eats weekly. We change the flavors up frequently, just for fun. Chamomile & Honey Almond Meal Muffins | Roost

Sometimes recipes that require a little more effort make an important occasion extra special. We make these sugar buns on Christmas Day, and every minute spent on the puff pastry is worth it. Sugar Buns | Seven Spoons

We have so many fond memories of being kept warm on a cold winter's night by good soup. Mushroom Soup with Chicken, Broccoli & Pumpkin Seeds

Cooking for a group of people can be stressful, but using easy recipes that guests help with can save the day. Omelets for a Crowd | Relish Magazine

Scones are a special treat, saved for drop-in friends and family. These Maple Oatmeal scones are our very favorite.

Another great cookbook that's encouraged me to think outside the box and make my family dinnertime unique. The Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Foods

A cookbook I turn to again and again. Many of it's pages are stained with memories in the making. Sarabeth's Bakery: From My Hands to Yours

Reading about other's traditions can help inspire your own. Plum Pudding | {farmette}

Some helpful advice on getting Back to the Basics of Feeding Your Family |

This pizza is a regular item on our weekly menu. The cracker crust takes minutes to make, and our kids love helping roll it out and putting their favorite toppings on. St. Louis Pizza | The Vanilla Bean Blog

I also like to have good dairy-free recipes on hand for friends who are vegan. Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes + Avocado Frosting | Love and Lemons

I always make sure to have a few great grain-free recipes on hand for guests who can't tolerate gluten. Banana Cream Pie | The First Mess

Adding twists to old staples is a great way to make recipes unique to your family. Salted Caramel Apple Pie | Relish