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    Reliv International is a world leader in optimal nutrition for a healthy lifestyle and a proven home-based business opportunity.

    Inspired by Trader Joe’s! Delicious and healthy … and takes just moments to make! Perfect for entertaining or as an everyday snack!

    SO EASY! You’ve gotta try this amazing salad! Everyone will want the recipe! Even better … it doubles as a salsa … the perfect dip alongside tortilla chips!

    We LOVE steamed edamame (eda-mommy) around here!! They are so salty and delicious and perfect for snacking! They’re fun to pop out of their shells and eat them straight from the pod. They make an excellent appetizer and perfect side dish. They’re great to munch on while watching a movie or football game instead of …

    Reliv Distributors pause for a group shot at the Paraiso Maya resort in Mexico, April 2015.

    Get your day going the healthy way with this shake #recipe featuring Reliv FibRestore, Reliv Now, Innergize! and other healthy ingredients!

    This Irresistable Fruit Punch Shake with Reliv Now will keep you healthy all summer long! #recipe

    Here's a Reliv shake recipe for the kiddos! Chocolate Reliv Now for Kids and raspberries make for a delicious combo!

    This Frozen Pina Colada Shake wiht Reliv Classic, Innergize! and FibRestore sound delicious!

    This Straight Up Strawberry Shake with Reliv Now will keep you cool all summer long!

    Add Reliv ProVantage, Reliv Now and GlucAffect, FibRestore and GlucAffect to your Banana Bread Shake!

    So true! Become a master of your thoughts and you can achieve anything!

    Zero caffeine. Zero sugar. 5 calories. 24K, Reliv's patented healthy energy shot.

    I don't know about you, but I'm not here to be mediocre! Let's do this!

    Will you be bold today? Who will you tell about Reliv's optimal nutrition?

    Work your business hard now so you can live the life you've always dreamed later!

    What do you take to a prospect meeting? How about a LunaRich Super Pack?

    Watching your weight? Want to feel fuller longer? Try this Slimplicity smoothie from Reliv!

    Get the ProVantage advantage with this protein packed smoothie recipe!

    Want a tasty smoothie but need to watch your blood sugar? Try this recipe with GlucAffect!

    Looking for a heart-healthy smoothie recipe? Try this one with CardioSentials!

    This anti-inflamatory joint health smoothie with Arthaffect will make you feel great!

    Looking for a fun worksheet to get you started in your Reliv business? Look no further! Here's the who, what, when, where, why and how of getting started!

    How Not to Talk to People About Reliv This funny skit starring Reliv Distributors Norma Carlozzi, Deborah Williams and Derek & Paula Miller (trainees) shows exactly what not to do when introducing people to Reliv.

    Shaker Cup Here's a glimpse at our second favorite way to use Reliv shaker cups - as percussion instruments! Of course, our favorite thing to do is drink Reliv shakes with LunaRich®! Reliv is the Nutritional Epigenetics Company!

    A Brief History of Reliv Reliv Chairman and CEO Robert L. Montgomery traces the history of Reliv at the Reliv 25th Anniversary Conference in Orlando. Hear about some of Reliv's greatest moments - from receiving an audience with the Pope to helping win the Super Bowl.

    Take Life to the Next Level with Reliv Reliv can improve your life in so many ways — optimal health, financial freedom and a better way of life. See for yourself through the eyes of these real-life Reliv Distributors.

    Lunasin: Epigenetic Revolution in Health & Nutrition During his visit Dr. Galvez had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Elvira de Mejia, UI Professor and leading researcher in nutritional epigenetics. This video features highlights from their discussion.

    Quebec! Reliv Leadership Celebration 2014 There's nothing quite like a Reliv trip. See for yourself in this video of our 2014 Leadership Celebration trip to Quebec City.

    Reliv Products: Real People. Real Results. Change your life through optimal nutrition. Find out through these inspiring stories how Reliv is improving the health of people around the world.

    Reliv Opportunity: Real People. Real Success. www.youtub Discover what the Reliv home-based business opportunity could mean for you through the stories of these Reliv Distributors. Learn more at

    Dr. Alfredo Galvez on the Safety of Soy Despite study after study proving soy's benefits and the overwhelming support of the scientific community, myths about soy persist. In this video, Dr. Alfredo Galvez debunks one of the most common myths: that soy is not safe for breast cancer patients and survivors.

    Blue Man Group - Super Color Smash Using top secret Blue Man Group Super Bowl prediction Color Collider technology, we've created a preview of the bone-crushing matchup between RED and NAUTICAL BLUE vs. COLLEGE NAVY AND BRIGHT GREEN #WhosGonnaWin?

    Haiti Area Coordinator Kathy Brawley challenges you to "Be the Change" for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation.

    Are you ready for the nutritional #epigenetics revolution? Get ready with Reliv!

    Mondays might be mundane at most offices, but not at Reliv HQ! Employees here are fueled by LunaRich, the epigenetic superfood. Take a look and find out how you can go from you to Super You:

    Reliv Now and LunaRich X battle the unhealthy forces of the Inflammator in Reliv's first animated video. Put Reliv's epigenetic superheroes to work for you! Get healthy: