Smiles - from the world over

Pictures of smiles joy laughter from all around the world. We are all children when we smile and laughter, its contagious !
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Another cute little Mongolian girl, could be one of the twins. I found so many photos of little Mongolia girls and they are all so cute!

Happiness Is.....

Turn Up A Smile! Did you know there are at least 19 types of smiles? Researchers were able to categorize 19 different types of smiles into two categories: polite, “social” smiles and those that were genuinely happy smiles. What was your smile like today?

Okay....this is a child. He is gorgeous. I have a question. Why are men still spiking their hair?This little guy....well that doesn't count. But men? It has been years now....years. Anyone have an answer? ❤️

Cute kids - My goodness--how can one NOT smile when you see this adorable boy grinning? Nyvall Photography - Little Eli Smiles Big Laughter happiness

Children portrait - Africa

Young Himba Girl With Ethnic Hairstyle, Epupa, Namibia. Photo by Eric Lafforgue.

cambodia by MyLittleCornerOfTheWorld

Child of Cambodia {} Smile Will Melt Your Heart {} Photographer Jake Corke

The scars

Little Afghan girl, the scars left after an explosion. North of Kabul. watanafghanistan: Little Afghan girl, the scars left after an explosion. North of Kabul. To still have so much joy even after all that has happened to her. Her smile shines.

~~ pretty eyes

Joey King has broken the Adorable meter, her Adorable Quotient is off the charts. (ha, ha, that's so cute , whoever wrote that!