Blooming letters

DIY blooming monogram perfect for wedding decor. Use silk or dried flowers in florist foam in the hollowed out craft letter. You also could make wine cork letters or use other decorative items to create a meaningful monogram for the happy couple.

Rainbow rice. Like sand but less messy. I like it.

Rainbow Rice Garden for Play: Measure rice cups) and put it in a Ziploc bag with about of food coloring or liquid water colors (works great!) and 3 T of rubbing alcohol. mix the rice in the bags to spread the color.

diy : bow

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50+ Watercolor Techniques and Ideas for Kids

Watercolor Projects Kids Love - 60+ Watercolor Art Activities for Children

Big Bang costume

They just had to buy the flash shirt

LOVE this DIY glitter dipped coffee mug! it's easy to make and dishwasher safe too

DIY glitter dipped coffee mug! it's easy to make and dishwasher safe too ~ LOVE the glitter! Use Martha Stewart decoupage gloss finish. Cure for 28 days before using in dishwasher. Takes a couple of days to make due to the drying in between steps.

balloon party

Looking for DIY decor ideas for your wedding? Then look no further because we've got lots of wedding decoration inspiration for you!

making this! #imawhovian

Dr Who Home Is Where The Tardis Takes You Coffee Mug by betwixxt. , via Etsy.

Fingerings by Judith Braun: Symmetrical abstractions created with her fingers dipped in charcoal dust, often using both hands and arms simultaneously. “Abstraction keeps the images free to be anything, while the symmetry resolves that fluidity into something, like liquid energy crystallizing. Working within constraints prompts a proliferation of possibilities that self organize into groups and subgroups, from which I then choose some to render carefully by hand…with diamond…

Incredible finger drawings by Judith Braun. grade thumb print portraits on another level.Incredible finger drawings by Judith Braun.


Jenny: This is interesting envelope package because it's heart shape normally the envelope it's rectangle or square shape . The good thing is the heart shape also can be a rectangle shape. but when you open it . It is a heart.

Luminária feita com embalagens de tetrapack - DIY: Tetrapack lamp


Funny pictures about Creating a lamp from Tetra Pak. Oh, and cool pics about Creating a lamp from Tetra Pak. Also, Creating a lamp from Tetra Pak photos.