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Insults & Snappy Comebacks

Insults & Snappy Comebacks

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I say this sometimes.



Funny stuff


Here's your sign!



... and forgot to brush her teeth.


Not a quote from a book, as such, but it appears here in a book, which I think counts. An amazing, infamous putdown from Winston Churchill. He said, having been told by a woman that he was drunk : 'Yes I am. But I shall be sober in the morning, and you will still be ugly.' I have been drinking to excess ever since* in the hope that someone will accuse me of drunkenness, and I can open fire with this classic insult. *disclaimer: only joking on the drinking to excess front.

The Mysterious Retort is a 1906 film by A wizard sleeps at a table in his well-appointed sitting room. From a drawer in the table, a snake appears. The snake begins a series of transformations: he becomes a jester, a spider, and a woman. Each approaches the wizard as he sleeps. Each also works its magic on a glass vial on the wizard's table. Soon the vial has grown in size and is full of a bubbling liquid.

Barry Sheene. “Your arse, if you’re going fast enough.” –Barry’s famous retort when asked by BBC, “What goes through your mind during a crash?”

This is what I see EVERY time I look at a typography poster

Your mother was a hamster...

Strike out stigma with this great list of snappy comeback to ADD doubters!


You're safe.

Congratulations! You're safe!

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