Renata Sabo
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Ill give this a try. a way to secure strawberry juice if you need to infuse it into something. plus you can pull the strawberry off and mash it into jam! or cheesecake

Removing strawberry stem was so EEEEASSSYYY! Worked best on smaller strawberries. I used a straw from Dunkin Donuts which is a pretty sturdy straw.

Make a light out of drinking straws! I would use just one colour though to accentuate the texture of it.

DIY Project: Contemporary Drinking Straw Pendant Light:: for some reason this reminds me of the gummy bear lamp Spencer made for Carly that burned her room down.

Paper Mustache on drinking straw

How-Tuesday: Mustache Drink Topper on Etsy. I don't understand this whole mustache trend, but it's cute!