Beards - Ive seen a lot of classy men not shaving and Ive been doing it myself also for a while. Its a trend to keep an eye for. Advice for men with the option of growing a beard: try it for a month and see what Fashion Fashion

Stephen Amell...Arrow

Only seen a few eps of arrow so not sure how great of an actor he is but he's super the Christian Grey look<< never say that Stephen Amell/Green Arrow has the Christian Grey look again. He is much better than that creep for 50 Shades of Abuse.

Dylan McDermott

Kika 👑 مليكة on

Are you an alien? How does one remain so flawlessly gorgeous over the course of so many years? Fact: Dylan McDermott Is The Hottest Currently Living

LMM - Loving Male Models (Justice Joslin )

Quote from the book On Dublin Street by Samantha Young but thought it very fitting for our board yummy!

Jessie Pavelka

Jessie Pavelka, fitness expert and model and very sexy guy.