Hot Rollers, I had this very set for years!  Wish I had it now!

I had this exact set of rollers! (i had them too, and remember burning myself cuz my hair was long and thin)


The Cootie Catcher - Fortune Telling ~ Got a burning question you’ve just got to know the answer to like, Will I marry Scott Baio? Use a cootie catcher!

"Miss Suzie had a steamboat  The steamboat had a bell  The steamboat went to Heaven  Miss Suzie went to...  Hello operator  Please give me number 9..."

"Miss Suzie had a steamboat The steamboat had a bell The steamboat went to Heaven Miss Suzie went to. Hello operator Please give me number "Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack. All dressed in black, black, black.

Roll caps, a hammer, and a sidewalk!

Cap gun, roll caps ~ not only did we use them in the toy cap guns but we would take a hard surface like a rock or sidewalk and then hit each cap with a rock to make them pop and smoke. I remember the smell!

I remember doing these

Crocheted Art & Yarn Bombing Inspire Fuzzy Feelings

pot holder loom thing & weaving the loops on your fingers! Made lots of potholders for Christmas Gifts.


Barbie Doll Case My cousin had a lot of cases full of dolls and clothes. My sister and I would play when we visited.

Loved Chinese Jump Rope!

Chinese jump rope, loved playing this and i was good at it. If you had only one other person to play with a chair could be used as the third person. Also used rope to play Cats in the Cradle.

Faux fur hat with pompoms

Add a touch of drama to your cold weather outfits with this Dr Zhivago style pom pom hat. With luxurious white or black faux fur and fun pom poms, this is the perfect accompaniment to any winter.

Mister Ed

Mister Ed is an American television situation comedy produced by Filmwaysthat first aired in syndication from January 5 to July and then on CBS from October 1961 to February The stars of the show were Mister Ed, a palomino horse who