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Pregnancy and Birth Resources

Pregnancy and birth resources for clients of Little Earthling Photography.
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Many expectant parents are wondering if it is still possible to have a doula with our current restrictions. St. Joseph hospital is now limiting mothers to only one support person. But what if you really need a doula? Learn about how St. Joseph’s Hospital is using iPads to utilize virtual doulas.

Birth During a Pandemic

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This was the single worst moment of my life. I knew cord prolapse at home = death of the baby…the only way this can be prevented is with an immediate c-section…and I was alone in my bathroom 15 minutes from the hospital.

Birth Stories

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Mamas share their favorite baby led weaning products here #babyledweaning #BLW
Tips for Helping a New Mom While Visiting a New Baby

Life with Baby

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Deal with your baby's crying better:
Haakaa Hacks! Tips and tricks for using the silicone breast pump. A must have product for all breastfeeding moms. Collect more breast milk and cure common breastfeeding issues with this amazing pump! Build up your freezer stash, unclog milk ducts, and relieve sore nipples! #breastfeeding #pumping
Outstanding mom to be detail are available on our site. Read more and you wont be sorry you did. #momtobe

Postpartum Care

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Bellingham Birth Photographer: Mace's Beautiful Homebirth
Should I Hire a Birth Photographer for my C-Section? {Imogen's Birth}
The Birth of Umiko

Inspiring Birth Photos

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Clothes to wear after a c-section delivery! Wondering what you can wear after a c-section that won't aggravate your incision? Look no more! Here are 8 types of clothing you can wear that are not only comfortable but cute to help you rock your postpartum journey! #csection #postpartum #postpartumclothes #csectiontips #cesarean #clothes #bodyafterbaby #csectionrecovery
One third of all pregnancies end in a cesarean section, most of those are unplanned.  Read these 5 tips to get you ready for what might be coming.  Plus, learn where to find out more! via @pullingcurls
Nervous about having a c-section? Read about my birth story. It was ...

C-Section Tips

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Interviewing a doula can be stressful. I've put together this guide of ten most useful questions to ask your potential doula. Hopefully this guide will ease that stress a bit. It should also help you and your partner to systematically select the doula that will be the best fit for you!
Natural Ways To Ease Labor Pains! Try these tips for a natural birth experience! #naturalbirthtips #easelaborpains #naturalwaystoeaselaborpains
Minimalist baby essentials for the large family.

Preparing for Birth

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Tips on how to survive morning sickness with toddlers.
Tricks, Remedies and Safe Medications to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy — Pregnant Chicken
Tips on how to survive morning sickness with toddlers.

Healthy Pregnancy

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Doulas are not just for natural birth. A doula can enhance your birth experience with an epidural or pain management.
Our birth story: Natural Birth In A Hospital / asipoftruth.com
Baby got bed! Labor bed, that is... - Doulas of Bellingham

Hospital Birth

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When I had my homebirth, I needed something to keep my energy up during my loooooong labor. This kept me going in the worst and hardest parts of labor. What's even better, this is the same recipe that I use for when anyone in my family needs electrolytes!
Natural Birth Offerings - A Bellingham Doula
Labor Stages consists of (1) Early dilation, where cervix dilates to 10cm and the fecal membrane breaks, causing loss of amniotic fluid. (2) Late dilation, myometrium contracts, cervix stretches, creating a positive feedback loop with hormone oxytocin. (3) Expulsion, where the head enters the vagina and valsalva maneuver aids in expelling the fetus. Lastly, (4) Placenta leaves in what is called after birth.

Labor and Birth Education

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love it
“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”

Birth Affirmations

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Moonbelly Midwifery Mary Burgess Midwife Bellingham Mt Vernon
Hands of Grace: Christian Midwife in Bellingham. (Not able to use the Birthing Center, though)
Haven Midwifery: in Bellingham. Corbin Watkin's wife. She uses the birthing center.

Bellingham Birth Resources

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Kids and birth: The debate on having children present at the birth of a baby or sibling.
Tips for preparing for a water birth. #WaterBirth #HomeBirth #Childbirth
Planning a homebirth isn't all about the supplies and space. There are other essentials that must be considered. If you're thinking about a giving birth at home, these tips will get you off to a great start.


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