Get to know you games

Great back to school ice breaker: get to know you game idea. When it is your turn reach into your bag of MMs. Answer the question corresponding to the color for everyone to hear. Eat your MM!

Movie clips for your lesson plans...ability to search by genre (age ranges), mood, theme (this is so cool.)

Clearly not all the clips are classroom appropriate] MOVIE CLIPS TO INTRODUCE UNIVERSAL THEME: Movie clips for your lesson plans.ability to search by genre (age ranges), mood, theme (this is so cool.

OBSESSED with this word wall!! Just use a clothespin to hang the words on the ribbon!

I think I might go for the ribbon word wall this year. So much easier. Just use clothespins to clip the words on. Easy and flexible throughout the year.

How to Make Cool Labels in Microsoft Word

How to Make Pretty Labels in Microsoft Word

How to make pretty labels in MS Word. Use them in household or office organizing, pocket page scrapbooking, or within documents.

Must Teach Procedures for the First Week of School

Includes first days' lesson plans! This website has a helpful list of must-have procedures to go over with students on the first few days of school. The list is thorough and it's important to teach these procedures for an efficient classroom.

Plastic Dollar store bags cut and wrapped around canvas

Under the Stairs Closet turned Kids Book Nook using Canvas covered with Dr. Seuss Bags {What an inviting little reading nook!

Wow! notebook -- a morale booster! When a staff member receives the notebook, they read the wonderful message that someone wrote for them.  They, in turn, write a note to another staff member to encourage, give a boost, or to just say how much they are appreciated.  At the bottom of the page they write, "Don't forget to pass it on....."

notebook -- a morale booster! staff member receives and reads the message that someone wrote for them. They, in turn, write an anonymous note to pass to another staff

Free PDF Labels

2018 Winter Olympic Websites for Students

You can have a classroom job as a, "Pencil Sharpener," and all the pencils are already segregated. Free PDF Labels too.

exit slip

This Exit Slip is a quick and easy way to assess students' understanding of any lesson! Just give students the topic to fill in at the top and they do they rest. Have extra copies on hand for a quick check for understanding activity.

Excellent "Meet the Teacher" letter for the beginning of the year.

An example of a meet the teacher bio to send home to the parents the first week of school.


Because everybody needs a brain break! Here is an easy-to-access collection of 20 fun, energizing brain break videos for the classroom! Each of these were put through a special student-friendly filter as well.