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How does the color of a white wine indicate its flavor?

Savory or Fruity? Understanding Types of White Wine by Color

How does the color of a white wine indicate its flavor? The wine's color can tell you a lot about how it tastes before you even smell it! From very pale wines like such as pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc to rich and intensely colored.

Top 10 sparkling wines for the holiday season via Snooth

Is Champagne and sparkling wine real wine? Read about champagne and sparkling wine, their differences and flavors.

10 easy to find yummy Cabernet Sauvignons

Find these big brands at almost any wine shop near you. One of the main frustrations voiced by our readers is the difficulty one sometimes encounters when trying to track down highly rated wines.

Top Chardonnay Under $15

The Scottish health secretary launched a free Android app, called Drinking Mirror, which shows women just how much older they’ll look in 10 years if they toss back 10 glasses of wine per week.

Common Wine Questions

Put yourself on the expert path! Get started with these common wine questions.

Riesling Round Up.  My favorite white wine!

50 wines from around the world rated and 5 great lists to explore. With the summer of Riesling in full swing, not to mention our own Riesling Global Tasting Initiative wrapping up, it’s a great time to talk about R.

This Greek white wine is so perfect for summer sipping.  An acid monkey, but balanced and fun.

you'll feel better: What! It's 120 degrees outside and I live here why? My top 5 most refreshing wines to drink during a hellish Arizona heat wave.

8 Elegant Zinfandels

GDP gives us his top 8 Zinfandels for summer. After last week’s look at value-oriented Zinfandel, I was pretty excited to jump into and taste some higher end wines. I love Zinfandel’s many iter.

What is a Sommelier?–Happy Hour for I Know Jax

Happy Hour - Introduction to Wine. Here's Kris, our new wine guy.