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    Branwen Rogers
    Branwen Rogers
    Branwen Rogers

    Branwen Rogers

    I like things with edge, quality, ancient, regal. If it's unique, earthy, old world, then I'll probably love it.

    Love this pattern. Could easily switch back and forth between my steampunk collection and 'normal' evening attire!

    Did you know its easy to sew your own lace underwear - tutorial and free pattern - So Sew Easy

    nuitnuitnuit: hoganmclaughlin: SHINIGAMI | Hogan McLaughlin

    Peachy Queen Dress in Berry. Feel like royalty in this airy colorblocked maxi - a ModCloth exclusive! #purple #wedding #bridesmaid #modcloth

    Sash Tie Drape Front Knit Cardigans, Viscose Stretch Jersey Knit Cardigans Shop Women's Designer Clothing - Latest Fashion Vests and Jackets - CL0037151 | eShakti

    Photographer: Doma Vaquera Model: Marta Wołtosz

    coollovepassion: Affetmek için iki kişilik erdem lazım…Hem onu affetmek,Hem onu affettiğin için kendini affetmek..Orson Welles

    Disney Inspired Hercules Wedding (Greek and Roman theme)

    Roman Hairstyle Perfection modeled by a potential Bride. Recent archaeological discoveries may indicate they used needles and thread to achieve the complicated braiding and beading. The word acus was translated hairpin but Jane Stephens Baltimore, MD a hair archeologist embroidery hobbyist questioned this. She postulated acus was being used in its original meaning "embroidery" to create the intricate hairstyles. This theory has gained credibility.

    This is a good example of the hair wraps adorning many Roman hair styles. Though the original ones are more likely to be made of finer fabrics and ribbons.

    So easy, so effective... SO trying this. www.ehow.com/...

    Beautiul Bathroom Suite | Elegant Homes ᘡղbᘠ

    This Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad recipe is a keeper! Easy, Excellent Salad | ANDWHATELSEISTHERE

    Ravenswood Leather Ladies Warrior Belt