Now that's some funny shit right there!

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Oh My Freaking Stars!: Camping

Lol soooo true

Movie theater theft…

Easter humor

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When this cat waited for the perfect moment to steal this car: | The 31 Most Cat Things To Ever Happen

The 31 Most Cat Things To Ever Happen

jaclyn hill memes - Google Search

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Holy Shit!!! This is a great idea

Fresh spray tan//boyfriend//argument = pull yourself together girl

A case of very bad timing…

If you thought YOU were having a hard day... That last picture. I'm dying. | See more about wine bottles, the zoo and zoos.

The funniest websites & pages in the world - WDB.ES

Rock on

aslongasitis: YEAAAHHH - As long as it is

True that!

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Not the best font choice.....

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Kim Roby

Getting real sick of your shit, Carl.

Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)


Take A Moment And Smile

can't stop laughing at this one :)

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So funny

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So... this is going to be me in two weeks flying around the globe. Don't judge!

Top 14 Funniest Ebola Memes And Pictures - NoWayGirl

I laughed at that WAY harder than I should have.

Titanic ALS ice bucket challenge

I laughed way to hard at this...

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 115 Pics

Made me laugh a little haha

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I'll never look at this the same again!

Drunk Octopus Wants To Fight You

I can't stop laughing!!

F... it

This actually makes a lot of sense. | 27 Bars That Are Making Some Pretty Compelling Arguments

27 Bars That Are Making Some Pretty Compelling Arguments

Oh yes!

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Practically the same thing...

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the struggle is real

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