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What to pack for an RV vacation?

Packing for an RV trip is like moving into an empty house or apartment. Kitchen cabinets are bare, bathrooms are empty and bedding needs to be stocked. The task of packing can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time RVer. A best practice in packing for a road trip is to compartmentalize your essentials into storage bins of varying size. Be sure to label your bins for easy access; masking tape and a black Sharpie work well for this task.

What to pack for an RV vacation?

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RV Christmas style

Organizing RV kitchen cupboards

RV Life Styles - Resources for Full Time RV Living
  • Melissa Stewart
    Melissa Stewart

    I love Tupperware that's what my cupboards look like :) NICE :)

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    A most practical solution for your kitchen management when RVing.

  • Melissa Stewart
    Melissa Stewart

    Yep sure is :) and so is square plates weather in an RV or your home they work great :)

This looks perfect for traveling!

RV packing list

This happens to us all the time

Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Emergency Underpants Dispenser

It's camping and backpacking time, and no one wants to head into the outdoors without the essentials that make camping carefree, safe and enjoyable. And if there is anything that can make that happen it is the new, innovative products available today.

camping supplies checklist

Joe Shade Portable Sports Umbrella Baseball Soccer Lacrosse GREEN

Small campfire (propane)

road trip ideas...perfect

Awesome website! Minis of everything you can think of. So you can travel light. - for all your travel size needs



Collapsible drying rack.


Books, playing cards, games and toys.



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    Vickie Streifel

    ops! this photo very magnificent


Coffee Pot/Tea Kettle.

Coffee, filters, tea bags, sugar, powdered creamer.

Back pack.