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The strip for folks who think awareness is overrated.

I'm just counting the hours until I can take off my "Miracles Happen" bra.

If you don't want to know the answer, don't ask the question.

My brain thinks it's Thursday. My body feels like it's Friday.

What's in your healthy salad?

For the guy in the back.

There had better still be chocolate left over from Mothers Day when I get home. That's all I'm saying.

Waiting for the night that the dog takes care of dinner.

How to avoid the nutty lady with the neurotic dog.

Monday. May Your Ounces Be Big and Your Stresses Be Small.

Thank you, Mom....for letting me talk about my life obsessively.

Mom, thank you for not breastfeeding me on the cover of a magazine.

Relax. R---E---L---A---X....


It's Friday! No questions!

How is Reality TV Affecting Your Life?

I definitely feel better since I started watching exercise videos.

Need Assistance talking to Technical Support?

Do you want to come over for dinner? And can you bring dinner when you come over?

I'm trying to remember whether I actually quit my job or just fantasized about it.

May Your Monday be Relatively Trauma-Free.

In training for Monday.

Where the Real Girls Are.

Oh really? Mad Men is on tonight? It had completely slipped my mind.