I think every woman who is against feminism shouldn't vote. Because it is thanks to feminism women can vote today. At the time the photo was taken, feminists were called suffragettes.

Norman Rockwell "Election Day" (1944)

"Dewey v Truman" "The Great Debate" "The Obvious Choice" by Norman Rockwell for The Saturday Evening Post, cover (info verified)

Election Day is November 6

Women were reviled, kicked, beaten, ostracized and battled so women could vote. Don't disrespect their sacrifice by not exercising your vote -- every time you have the chance. -- "An American suffragette proclaiming 'Women! Use your vote,' circa "

Election Day is November 6.

Empower Yourself and everyone you us spread the word about National Voter Registration Day!

Election Day is November 6.

General Rosalie Jones, Jessie Stubbs, and Colonel Ida Craft. Courtesy Library of Congress.


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