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the electronic keyboard has many knobs and is black with red numbers on it's keys
Sweet DSI Prophet 12. Me likey-likey. #keyboards #synth
an electronic device with several buttons and numbers on it's display screen, including the control panel
Akai iMPC – An Industry Staple Goes Mobile
Akai iMPC - An Industry Staple Goes Mobile
an electronic keyboard with multiple keys and knobs
Roland JX-3P
My first synth! The analog-digital hybrid Roland JX-3P.
the evolution of electric guitar info sheet from 1970 to present at the museum of rock and roll music
Evolution of the Electric Guitar [Infographic]
an electronic device with buttons and numbers on it
Disc Makers Blog
Akai MPC
an electronic device with buttons and knobs on it
Roland TB-303
an info sheet showing the evolution of modern synthesizers
Modern Digital Synthesizers | Audio State of Mind
an old computer with many wires all over it
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"The Whopper" of modular synthesizers.
an old computer sitting in the middle of a forest
Monkeys + Synthesizers - Voltfestivalen june 9, 2012
Monkeys + Synthesizers
a woman standing in a kitchen preparing food on top of a stove next to a radio
Hi-Fi Boombox: 1954
"A novel idea for the audiophile who likes his music wherever he is. A household teacart can be used as a mobile carrier for any combination of audio gear." December 1954
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Geeky Music Gear Bikinis