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Clip Art Portfolio by Teachers Resource Force

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This is a special shout out board for all the wonderful teacher authors who have used 'Teachers Resource Force' clip art in their resources! If you have used my clip art and would like your product featured, please email me at to have your resources pinned to this board!

Five things every teacher should know about teaching digital citizenship to students. Ideal for middle school and high school teachers.


Teachers Resource Force clip art: In this lesson, you will use base ten blocks and models to introduce and practice three alternative division strategies: fair sharing, area model, and partial quotients.The lesson uses whole numbers to introduce the concept, while the anchor station has a set of whole number expressions and set of decimal expressions.


The Crucible / Spooky Halloween Clip Art

The Crucible Clip ArtThis is a 42 piece quality clip art set with both color and black & white, for The Crucible!Set includes: 10 commandment stones (blank to add own text)…

Salem Witch Trial Game and Simulation

*** Click here to see a video of this product!Truly get kids excited about the Salem Witch Trials by having them take part in a digital simulation where they get to find out why men and women were accused of witchcraft and what happened to the people that were accused.Included you will find:A 20 page interactive presentation in PowerPoint and Google DriveFull directions and lesson plansPaper resources for the simulationGuided Note Taking ActivityInvestigation for after the…

Differentiation in the Science Classroom: Alternate Lab Assessment Ideas! Help your students show you what they know without writing a full lab report. Blog post by Science and Math with Mrs. Lau

Black History Month

Black History Month Writing Prompts, Quote Posters & More! ($) Includes 6 civil rights leaders!

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Research Project: Martin Luther King Writing

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Class Banner - Hang in January for his birthday and into February for Black History Month.Recognize MLK Day with this fun "Martin Luther King, Jr." class banner. It would be perfect as a research center activity to celebrate his birthday.

Martin Luther King Jr Close Reading Passage and Activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Close Reading Passage and Activities!This product contains a close reading passage, follow up activities, and 2 posters based on Martin Luther King Jr. 's biography.Included:*a close reading passage about Martin Luther King Jr. that asks the kids to answer 3 questions and color the evidence in the text using 3 different crayons*True/False chart about Martin Luther King Jr.*8 statements about Martin Luther King Jr.