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Respro® Masks

Respro® Masks - The 'Original' and still the best - Made in the UK - Established 1993. For more info go to or follow our blog

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Now in stock: the Respro® Cinqro™ Filter Pack - Sports. The filter fitted in the Cinqro™ mask has sub-micron filtration capability (same as sports filter) . What this means is that it is able to trap particles less than one micron in size which is more than capable of the removal of 2.5 micron particulate material (PM).

Now in stock: the Cinqro™Filter Pack- Urban at Respro® #airpollution The Cinqro™ Urban Chemical/Particle filter is a combination filter and is the same specification as the Techno™ filter with a more user friendly construction.

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#matchyourstyle and re-invent your mask. embroidery by @_SEWembroidery AKA Sarah Walton #respro #icebike

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Respro® Allergy™ Mask

Respro® Allergy™ Mask - blue

Respro® Cinqro™ mask - silver

Respro® Cinqro™ mask - white

Respro® Cinqro™ mask - gold

Respro® Cinqro™ mask - black