Equivalent Fractions Worksheets...these coloring sheets make learning about equivalent fractions fun

Color by number pages allowing older students to practice important fraction skills. Contains many fraction worksheets

Free Fraction Strips Template.  Never thought about cutting them out, then attaching them with a brad.

Free Fraction Strips template - maybe even connect with a brad & have a fraction fan

Plein d'activités de manipulation autour des fractions.

research shows that to master fractions, students need multiple opportunities to practice with many varied representations of fractions. By all means, cut up chocolate bars, pizzas, and pies. And add even more activities such as the ones featured here.

Du matériel pour les fractions

Du matériel pour les fractions

Math Fractions, Les Matériels, Cycle 3, Flip Books, Images, Fractions, Names, Pennies, Billboard

SMART Board Goodies » Interactive Activity To Teach Fractions

SMART Board Goodies » Interactive activity to teach fractions

Aider les élèves qui pataugent avec les fractions - Maîtresseuh

Aider les élèves qui pataugent avec les fractions

Montessori Math Lesson - Fractions

montessori fraction lessons instructions guide, montessori fraction lessons service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products.