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Echecs des reglementations : Australie et Nouvelle Zelande (in French & English) failure of legalization in AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZELAND
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Rape, humiliation and sick fantasies: Baby-faced ex-prostitute whose clients paid her to 'act like a little girl' reveals what REALLY goes on inside Australia's sex industry

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Sabina Lauber a lawyer with the Australian Law Reform Commission, has recently returned from a conference in Manila on the sexual exploitation of women where she presented a paper on Australian and International laws affecting Filipino women in Australia. In this article she reports on the conference and the study tour that preceded it.

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The ACT Chief Coroner has reopened the case of teenager who was found dead in a Canberra brothel.

When Pala Molisa argued in an article on this website that prostitution was a form of male violence against women that’s fuelling our rape culture — and that the government was wrong to legalise it in 2003 — he was accused of being “whorephobic”. Sex work was empowering, said his critics, and sex workers weren’t selling their bodies, but a service, much like the dentist or physio. Here’s Pala’s response to that.

Sabrinna Valisce is an Australian citizen who moved to New Zealand at the age of 14 and describes herself as a CrossTasman AusKiwi. She worked in prostitution in New Zealand under prohibition prior to 2003 and under full decriminalisation post 2003.

One of the first prostituted women I ever met told me that I had to check the johns’ penises for venereal disease before accepting their trade. Aside from the obvious herpes welts, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to be looking for. In any case, the first john I encountered at an Auckland…

MORE than 500 Sydney prostitutes are offering unprotected sex to clients, raising fears they may be contributing to the spread of sexually transmissible infections.

A Melbourne brothel operator who built a secret compartment to hide immigrants illegally employed as sex workers has been fined $65,000 and ordered to have regular checks of his business, but will escape a lifetime ban despite the urgings of authorities.

THEY are lured by the dream of a new life, a chance to build a better future while also providing for loved ones still stuck back home.

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