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-- Inspiration -- -- -- Brown jacket brown bow tie dark denim and white shirt with the white pocket square. That would be a great way to make denim look not so casual. Of course the black dress pants and black bow tie as shown here looks ok too

If you know me, you know I hate shoes without socks... but overall this is a great look. "Many people call falsely beards a trend; what more a dead trend. Is your beard a result of a trend or a style? Let's look at the difference as well as find out what people think about furry bearded men with whiskers. Read my post here >>"

Hipster beards have become some of the most sought after beard styles in recent times. Here are 70 bold and sexy hipster beard styles to play.

Dior Homme FW15 Paris

August 30 2016 at from sofysticated

Pin for Later: 24 Supersexy Reasons to Love British Actor Julian Morris When He Looked Ridiculously, Wonderfully Dapper

Stanley Tucci Source: The Rake Magazine Photography by Tomo Brejc source More menswear & suits!

the-suit-men: Stanley TucciSource: The Rake MagazinePhotography. the-suit-men: Stanley Tucci Source: The Rake Magazine Photography by Tomo Brejc sourceMore menswear & suits!

Tame Your Tux | Dao-Yi Chow, Designer, Public School | Tuxedo jacket paired with jeans. | "To pull it off, you have to pay attention: You have to keep the lines from the jacket to the jeans—and the jeans to the shoes—in proportion.” |

DAO-YI CHOW- The endless possiblies of beautiful blasian babies with this man, lol

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