Up in the mountains//

oh the walks, the fresh air, the beautiful nature! And yes this is Switzerland :) Unbelievable, I want to go up to the top!

Hillsborough Parish Church at Night (in Winter). I love Hillsborough, Northern Ireland


♂ Black and white minimalist photography Man mist nature Lonely by Syaifullah Maulana

Love how the clouds are tucked right in with the mountains. The outstretched bridge makes this epic.


Harry and Hermione at Godric's Hollow .otherwise known as Arlington Row in Bibury, The Cotswolds. Every bit as magical come Winter, in Spring or as Godric's Hollow!

into deep dark silence. silence that seems to press in around, wondering at the intrusion. silence that has been here long before you were born and will reign far after you are gone.


Gásadalur Waterfall in the village of Gásadalur in the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are an island group under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark, approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland.