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More and more reunions are finding cruising a splendid way for a very relaxing event with little or no work to accomplish a memorable time.
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a cruise ship in the ocean with text overlay that reads, 5 mistakes first time cruisers make family travels on a budget
Cruise mistakes: What first time cruisers should know - Family Travels on a Budget
5 mistakes first time cruisers make and how to avoid them! #travel
a book cover with the words 10 cruise must - haves and an image of a ship
10 Cruise Must-Haves: Items You Won’t Think to Pack, but Should | Candidly Kristyn
10 Cruise Must Haves: Items You Won't Think to Pack, but Should!
the main dining room on a cruise ship with text overlaying it that reads 9 tips for eating in the main dining room on a cruise
9 Tips for Eating in the Main Dining Room on a Cruise
Don't hit that main dining room without making sure you follow this advice first.
cruise ship with text that reads 10 ways rokies waste money on a cruise
10 Ways Rookies Waste Money on a Cruise
#cruise #tips #vacation
the text carnival cruise line's best kept secret is in front of an ocean scene
Carnival Cruise Line’s Best Kept Secret
Carnival Cruise Line’s Best Kept Secret
the top 10 great cruise picks for families
10 Great Cruise Picks for Families - Kidventurous
Want to get away? Take a look at the 10 best cruises for families. Have fun!
a woman standing on top of a balcony next to a chair and looking out at the water
Welcome to Reunions Magazine. Reunion planning starts here.
It is not possible to answer the question: “How much does a cruise cost?” There are many factors and variables that affect cost including dates, duration, destination(s), cabin type and ports of embarkation and debarkation. The best rates are usually in spring and fall and non-holiday seasons. Compare rates to the duration to get the best deal. More:
a group of people sitting at a bar on a boat
Welcome to Reunions Magazine. Reunion planning starts here.
The pool bar is always popular, as are many other things to do. There are spas, miniature and electronic golf, exercise facilities, rock wall climbing, zipline, walking and jogging tracks, basketball courts, hot tubs, swimming pools, giant waterslides … and that’s just the beginning.
people are sitting in chairs on the deck of a cruise ship while others swim nearby
Welcome to Reunions Magazine. Reunion planning starts here.
The advantages for you, the planner, are many! Find a reliable cruise travel agent (we recommend Brian Forrester at Holiday Cruises and Tours, who can handle all the details. You sign only one agreement. There are no cancellation or attrition clauses. No ADA concerns because the cruise line will take care of individuals with disabilities in your group. Your members book their own shore excursions, according to their interests and abilities.
several women are standing at a table with many items on it
Welcome to Reunions Magazine. Reunion planning starts here.
What’s there to do? Your reunion members will ask what there is to do on a cruise ship and you can tell them they will never, ever want for something to do. For the shoppers in your group, there are many shopping opportunities onboard the ship for duty free items and souvenirs. There is also shopping to look forward to in ports of call where local vendors and craftspersons are eager to sell!
a group of people sitting at tables working on laptops
Cruises - Reunions magazine
If planning a reunion is your responsibility and you have the freedom to explore all options, do not overlook the idea of a cruise reunion. Many reunion planners don’t broach the subject of cruising because they haven’t experienced it themselves or they think it costs too much. But a Seminar@Sea will solve the first problem and some startling information will take care of the second.
there are many items that can be found in this info sheet
Cruise Packing Guide. 13 Helpful Things to Bring. See why you need thank you notes & metal hooks!
a poster with different types of font and pictures on it, including the words i spy
Beyond Bikinis & Margaritas: Cultural Cozumel + Cruise Ship Scavenger Hunt Printable
Exclusive, Free Family Cruise Scavenger Hunt Printable #BayouTravel #SeastheDay
Caribbean: Take a Cruise:  Girlfriend Getaways Girlfriends Getaway, Learn To Surf, Girls Weekend, Surfer Girl, Best Cities, Fashion Editor, Amazing Destinations, San Diego
10 Best Destinations for Girlfriend Getaways
Caribbean: Take a Cruise: Girlfriend Getaways
a drawing of a map with trees and mountains in the background that has arrows pointing to different locations
LOVE this disney cruise scavenger hunt...I am a huge fan of photo scavenger hunts! Makes me want to go on a cruise just so I can do this!!! Plus you are guaranteed to get some amazing photos!