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Tons of speech and language therapy activities for teaching and practicing WH questions. Great for students with autism. From Speechy Musings.

Increasing Client Awareness and Carryover of Speech and Language Goals

My objective binder was quite a hit! I decided to make it more appealing and update it. UPDATE: The objective binder is now availa.

Fluency Practice Strips Bundle ~ Perfect for 2nd & 3rd Grade

Fluency Practice Strips Bundle -Perfect for & Grade - Great strategy for more visual learners

Data collection. Just the sound of those words can get any SLPs heart racing and blood pumping. Data drives our therapy. It is how we decide to keep going with the technique or start something new. It is how we decide if we can reduce services and start to focus on carry-over into the classroom. …

Balancing Being a Mom and an SLP: Guest Post by Teach Speech 365 - The Speech Bubble

That's So Pinteresting!: Independence Day Wreath

Independence Day Wreath /monica/ Forghani Forghani Forghani Earp another pretty one!

We've updated our sunflower wreath using a stacked wreath method and added a burlap ribbon rose for the center. Using the stacked wreath method results in

Sunflower with Ribbon Rose Center Wreath Kit - Assembly Required Kit includes: Pencil Wreath Fresh Green - 1 Pencil Wreath Yellow - 1 Yellow Paper