Meadowbrook Waldorf School Holiday Faire November 2013

Holiday Faire! November 23rd adult evening 6-9 pm ( come shop and have fun without the kids) and November 24th 10:00 -4:00pm an event for the whole family! Handcrafts and truly unique gifts from around the globe. Activities, music, food, entertainment and shopping! People come from miles around for our amazing Holiday Faire! Directions:
132 Pins

Grimm's Toys Color Spiral. 2013 Faire

Organic cotton art smocks/aprons by Mimi the Sardine. 2013 Faire

Yellow Label Kids Organic Rattles. 2013 Faire

Under The Nile - 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton. 2013 Faire

Bremen Town Musicians (Ostheimer) - 2013 Faire

Silk Rainbow Streamer Sarah's Silks. 2013 Faire

Haba Orchard game. 2013 Faire

Adorable wooden kitchen! Contact if you are interested in a pre-order. 2013 Faire

Wild and Wolf Gentlemen's Hardware Shoe Shine Kit. 2013 Faire

Haba Sunni Clutching Toy. 2013 Faire

Elves and Angels Playstand. 2013 Faire

HABA Moover Dump Truck Red. 2013 Faire

Wooden Play Clips--2013 Faire

Hape Rise 'n Shine Toaster. 2013 Faire

Natural colored pencil. 2013 Faire

Fairy Tale Wooden Toy Castle. 2013 Faire

Locally crafted wood swings. 2013 Faire

Assorted convertible headscarves / headbands. Fun prints and colors! Great for yoga. 2013 Faire

Fun yoga cards. A yoga practice game for all ages. 2013 Faire

Wool soaps! Beautifully hand crafted. These sold out last year! 2013 Faire

Wood shield and sword. Locally hand crafted. Leather straps and sword holder on back. Different emblems to choose from. Very beautiful woodwork! 2013 Faire

Felted Color Ball Making Kit. 2013 Faire

Ostheimer. 2013 Faire

Whimsical hand crafted knitting needles! Various designs and sizes. 2013 Faire