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Ancient Monuments

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Men-an-Tol, a small formation of standing stones near the Madron-Morvah road in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Archaeologists suggest that the three stones are the remains of a Neolithic tomb.


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The Western Wall (Hebrew הכותל המערבי, ha-ha-Maarawi Kotel, also called the Western Wall) - the only surviving to this day remnant of the Temple. At present it is the holiest place of Judaism. The surviving walls are part of the second temple built on the hill of Moriah. Jerusalen - Israel


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Tens of centuries ago, amid Ireland’s iconic green, rolling landscape, the kings of Ireland were anointed on a hill of tremendous importance—a place where spirituality met with royalty, and mythical traditions began. The Hill of Tara, one of the most revered spiritual sites in Ireland, is a place where druids held festivals, priestesses were trained and shaman’s rites were performed. Dating back to about 4000 B.C., Tara’s importance to the Irish has withstood the test ...


Hill of Tara

The "Menhir du Champ Dolent", neolithic megalith in Eastern Brittany, France. It is the highest menhir in Brittany.


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The Mullamast Stone, from 500-600 in Ireland. There are 4 blade marks on the left side of the stone and 2 deep ones on top, suggesting that the stone was used as part of a “sword in the stone” kingship ritual. The perpetuation of the importance of the “sword in the stone,” which comes from Arthurian legend, demonstrates the continuity of Celtic rituals even after the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.


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Carved Stone 9 in Gavrinis Dolmen passage grave, Gulf of Morbihan, Larmor-Baden Morbihan, France. The largest and most decorated tomb in Neolithic Europe with 29 six-foot-tall menhirs carved with labyrinthine fingerprints. Built on a hilltop circa 3400 B.C.E. near the stone rows of Carnac, with the sea rise it is now an island in the Morbihan Gulf.


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