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  • Epic Lingerie
    Epic Lingerie

    Pretty cool if you ask me.

  • Steve Bjorkman
    Steve Bjorkman

    Sooooooooo true.

  • Peita Sims
    Peita Sims


  • Bizwaremagic

    Agree 200%

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Maximilian Jaenicke crown of smoke

Jänicke's Crown of Smoke
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Totoro lego

  • Rachel George
    Rachel George


  • Bernadette Pastore
    Bernadette Pastore


  • Jim Lepianka
    Jim Lepianka

    Love it!

  • Mackenzie Belfour
    Mackenzie Belfour

    my day=made ♥

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Cat walking on barrel of cannon on Queen Elizabeth HMS. From Gallica.bnf Le chat mascotte, du Queen Elisabeth [HMS], sur un canon de 15 pouces Author : Agence Rol. Agence photographique

  • Eve Tyler
    Eve Tyler

    Hey pal , its been more than a year we heard from you. Would you like to make your boards public , so all of the pinterest users can enjoy much more things around here.

from a series by Russian photographer Andy Prokh

  • Char Lee
    Char Lee

    excelent image!

  • Iliana Martinez Rodriguez
    Iliana Martinez Rodriguez

    it's beautful

Dan Tague

  • Wendy Fernandez-Nichelson
    Wendy Fernandez-Nichelson


  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann


  • Alyssa Perrin
    Alyssa Perrin


  • Zulma Diaz
    Zulma Diaz

    never knew !

  • Sue Anderson
    Sue Anderson

    Wow! Good eye, Dan Tague!

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Fishing by sandara

fishing by sandara on deviantART
  • Lena Ratner
    Lena Ratner

    Is that a painting ?

  • Terri Collins
    Terri Collins


  • Cassidy Daniels
    Cassidy Daniels

    I love this! It's so breath-taking and very captivating to the eye!

  • Shelley Whitman
    Shelley Whitman

    this is magical

  • Jenna Robinson
    Jenna Robinson

    I have a fear of deep dark water... This confirms my suspicions!!!

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Caddis fly larvae are known to incorporate bits of whatever they can find into their cocoons, be it fish bone or bits of leaves. Hubert Duprat gave them gold, turquoise, gems and pearls.

  • Zsuzsanna Klára
    Zsuzsanna Klára

    How awesome!!

  • Lindsay Viner
    Lindsay Viner

    they need to make me a bracelet!

  • Melody Myers
    Melody Myers

    i totally forgot about these! I love this.

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith

    thats impresive!

  • Tricia Ferguson
    Tricia Ferguson

    Check out Agnetha Dyck, she uses bees to create dresses.

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Untitled,1950s by Herbert List.

michele molinari

  • Bon Bon May
    Bon Bon May

    lol cute

  • Debby Sullivan
    Debby Sullivan


  • Caron Lumpkin
    Caron Lumpkin

    Eating on the run . . .

  • Caron Lumpkin
    Caron Lumpkin

    fast food at it's finest . . .

  • Sue Anderson
    Sue Anderson

    When the kids are hungry, the kids are hungry! Too funny!

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rubberband heart

  • Mello Blu
    Mello Blu

    such beautiful work

totoro and sprites cookies

  • Tanera Manuel
    Tanera Manuel

    I remember this. My Neighbor Totoro!

  • Shannon Chamberlain
    Shannon Chamberlain

    I love it!!

  • Kyoko Kawasaki
    Kyoko Kawasaki


  • Phoebe Wong
    Phoebe Wong

    To-to-to-to-to-ro! reminds of this lovely song :)

  • Paula Münch de Castro
    Paula Münch de Castro

    Faço hj! /adorei

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Mexican illustrator Tony Delfino (a.k.a. Smithe) has launched his first collection of silkscreen art prints, which include three elaborately dissected heads. His work is being sold through his official website.

  • Fig Pigment
    Fig Pigment

    that's pretty horrid.

  • Jessica Shannon
    Jessica Shannon


  • dostana rad
    dostana rad


  • Mikaela Risher
    Mikaela Risher


  • Mei Zeiger
    Mei Zeiger


dawn of the centerfold

  • Hugo Topping
    Hugo Topping

    This is really cool Charley. Can you email me? I cant find a email address for you, i am

Ikakumora ceramic by Munktiki

  • Rick Richard
    Rick Richard

    Seems like a pair if handcuffs are called for

  • Lee Anne Dollison
    Lee Anne Dollison

    Is it a lobster? An octopus? a hand?

The art of Olivier de Sagazan.

  • Krisi Kult
    Krisi Kult

    Looks like it should be something out if a Tool video =)

  • Vicki Page
    Vicki Page


  • Kenneth Michael
    Kenneth Michael


  • Sue Anderson
    Sue Anderson

    Remember, art is subjective...

  • Christi S
    Christi S


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Gregory Thielker paints like through a windshield.

  • Dawn Masterson
    Dawn Masterson

    this would make a great jigsaw puzzle

carsten holler

  • Tami McGrath
    Tami McGrath

    Didn't think it was real just didn't understand the concept...whatever? Hey it's um yellow

  • charley mccoy
    charley mccoy

    sorry i laughed...

  • Ivan Oo
    Ivan Oo

    Looks like an unbaked croissant

  • Cojo

    Love it.

  • Katharine Greene-Varze
    Katharine Greene-Varze

    Butter!! Imagine getting a pat off this?

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Tiki Vignette #2 Black Velvet....Custom Palm Springs by Robb Hamel Original Oil

  • Jethro Smith
    Jethro Smith

    I have a picture of me with a Maui God but i like this one better :)

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith


Totem screen print by Paper Wasp

  • 23 Starz
    23 Starz

    I just recently started following Paper Wasp and I highly recommend ;)

  • charley mccoy
    charley mccoy

    Calyn Kuefner - cool thanks.

  • Mello Blu
    Mello Blu

    love it


from a series by Russian photographer Andy Prokh

  • Rob Hueniken
    Rob Hueniken

    Invisible Russian teeter totter.

Alex - Evil doll heads

  • Mary Knutson
    Mary Knutson

    Keith Raknerud, this looks like one of yours!

  • Allison Peregord Oakes
    Allison Peregord Oakes

    Holy crap, haven't seen this photo in years. Did a watercolor based on it. For some reason people think it is freaky. I love it!

  • Lena Lodesjö
    Lena Lodesjö

    I really dont like dolls.....

  • Diego da Silva
    Diego da Silva

    Very good... and scary!

  • Crystal Sigmon
    Crystal Sigmon


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strict time (by balsamia)

  • Peter Schumi
    Peter Schumi

    Antique of somewhere.

  • Nayeli Enid Lozano C
    Nayeli Enid Lozano C

    Kind of DIng Dong´s sister. jajaja!

  • Heather Leslie
    Heather Leslie

    Grandmother clock clearly

  • Heather K.
    Heather K.

    Too cool.

  • Tiffany Davis
    Tiffany Davis

    makes me think im in trouble by my grandmother lol

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Inseparables (love birds) ~ Lalique clock

Lalique Clock Antoinette
  • Lee Anne Dollison
    Lee Anne Dollison

    What a cool old clock.

  • Jt Jim M
    Jt Jim M

    Rene Lalique 'Inseparables' glass desk clock, circa 1930, relief molded with budgerigars seated amidst prunus, (Cherry Tree) Designed in 1926 Marks(?) opalescent clear frosted pale blue square glass surround pattern no 765 (Marcillac no.), 11cm by 11cm, the movement an 8 day wind-up Swiss with brass Greek key border and chapter ring and Arabic numerals and blue center, R. Lalique molded mark.

  • Judi Redman Becker
    Judi Redman Becker

    Love Lalique

  • Julie Stork
    Julie Stork