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a brown dog with white wings sitting on top of a cloud filled sky in front of clouds
Home - Rhodesian Ridgeback Central
Creation fable about how the Ridgeback got its trademark stripe
a brown dog wearing a red polka dot bow on top of it's head
Ruler of the bows by Виктория Степанок
a brown dog laying on top of a bed holding a stuffed animal
Magically delicious!
a brown dog standing on top of a sandy hill next to trees and bushes, looking up at the sky
And we are off !
a brown dog laying on top of a blue rug
The front and the back of it :) by Mandy Foster
a dog wearing a birthday hat sitting on the front door
Birthday boy by Heather Greenleaf
a dog laying on the floor with its mouth open
Pearly whites :)
a woman holding a dog on her lap
I need a nap after all this loving.
two brown dogs standing next to each other on top of a grass covered field and looking at the camera
Two men
Forever love! Baby Baby, Best Friends, Labrador, Cute Dogs, Chat, Gatos
A n s k u s - K a m m a r e
Forever love!
a brown and white dog laying on its back with it's front paws up
Northwestern Magazine - Northwestern University
Simba Rhodesian ridgeback
a brown dog is looking at the camera
GreatDogSite | Wikipedia of Dog breeds
Phantom of the sandbox ...
a brown dog laying on top of a wooden floor
Ridge-o-rama. Photographed by Denise Ivie Price.
the cookies are decorated with different colors and shapes
Gingerbread... with a Twist
Me Want Cookie, Rhodesian Ridgeback gingerbread cookie cutter. Photo credit: Natalya Zahn | Source: http://oscaratemymuffin.com