claudine knoblauch

claudine knoblauch

claudine knoblauch
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Quilts Gallery – Helene Knott

For information about Helene Knott in Portland, call us today! My Quilts & Fiber Art It took me long enough but here is the first few albums of my quil

20 Ways to Rock at Employee Recognition

Recognition is a powerful, yet under used tool in many organizations. In coaching managers, one of the biggest tools I give them is learning how to recognize performance. An employee that feels their contributions are being recognized will give

Really, really love it!!! Just getting interested in applique. Probably a little intimidating right now, but beautiful!

Swirls and Twirls - Veronica Von Zwehl "The piece measures x I fused down the background and then the figures. After that I satin stitched between everything in black. I then FM quilted the background, but not the figures.