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Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day Crafts

Kid-Friendly Valentine's Day Crafts Heartfelt Valentines How to Make Heartfelt Valentines Sweet Kisses How to Make Sweet Kisses Snowflake Hearts How to Make Snowflake Hearts Clay Play How to Make Clay Play Hearts Sewn Candy Pouches How to Make Sewn Candy Pouches (via


Идеи для жизни: нужные и не очень. Часть 3

Image tutorial | envelopes | heart shape ♡ inside | Cut a paper in heart | Face down the side u want on the outside | Fold from the side, til d top edges of heart | Fold it again in half leaving the triangle area | Fold the triangle part over it | Voila!!

Baby owl with dolly card - @'Marjorie Leandro, check out the Board this came from, lots of card making ideas.