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Oshun God S

Yemaya Oshun

Yeye Oshun

Oshun Prayer

Altars Rituals

Altars Shrines

Moon Altars

Deities Orisha

Orisha Path

Oshun Altar - full moon for Oshun

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Deep Goddess

Yemaya Queen

Ultimate Protector

Beauty Adorned

Illustration Queen

Constant Companion

Amazing Beauty

Witch Goddess Orisha


"Queen of the waters, Yemayá is the mother of all Orichas. A siren at sea, on land she becomes an amazing beauty adorned with the manifold treasures of the deep." #africa #myth #afrocuban #Santeria #cult #vintage #illustration #queen

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Potion Spell

Extremely Powerful






For Sale


Santeria OCHUN OSHUN OXUM LOVE POTION Spell Oil ~Extremely Powerful~

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Snake Pellets

Pellets 2

Cobra Black

Black Snake

Voodoo Spiritual

Spiritual Healing

Week Cobra

Ritual Aids

Removing Light

These black snake pellets are intended to bring the power of Cobra into your magick to protect your home and family. Use it in rituals of Santeria, Voodoo, spiritual healing, and for cleansings and jinx removing. Light one end of the powerful ritual aids to release the power within! Each packet contains 12 pellets. $2.95

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Ifa Religion

Yoruba Religion

Yoruba Santeria Orishas

Santeria Elegba

Santeria Cubana

Orisha Worship

Orishas Santos Palo

Orishas Africa

Loas Y Orishas

The House of Eleggua

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Santeria Myth

Cuban Santeria

Santeria The Ancient

Santeria Palo

Tarot Orisha

Orisha Oshun

Oshun Ochun

Oshun Statue

Statue Arcane

Orisha Oshun statue

Orisha Oshun statue | $55.96 - 20% off

Santeria Myth

Santeria Altar

Cuban Santeria

Santeria Stuff

Boho Altars

Altars Ego

Altars Shrines

Yoruba Santeria Orishas

Voodoo Santeria Yoruba Afro

Santeria Altar by Tom Kilroy, via Flickr

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Voodoo Santero

Spanish Voodoo



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Cubana By

Afro Cubana

Religion Yoruba

Santeria Religion

Divination Witchcraft

Divination Spirituality

Od Http

Http Www

By Od

Collar De Oggun, Oggun Necklace, Elekes, Santeria, Religion Yoruba, Afro-cubana by OD,

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Religion Yoruba

Santeria Religion

Ancient Yoruba

Yoruba Afrocubana

My Orishas

Yemaya Yemaya

Afro Cubana

Lukumi Santeria Orisha

Orishas Santos Palo

Sopera Yemaya, Yemaya Soup Tureen, Santeria, Religion Yoruba, Afro-cubana by OD,

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Cubana By

Afro Cubana

Od Www

Http Www

Oya Necklace

Necklace Elekes

And Beads

Elekes Santeria

Yoruba Afro

Collar De Oya, Oya Necklace, Elekes, Santeria, Religion Yoruba, Afro-cubana by OD, : Collar De Oya, Oya Necklace, Elekes, Santeria, Religion Yoruba, Afro-cubana : Other Products : Everything Else

Santeria Soon

Yoruba Santeria

Josvi Santeria

Spiritual Santeria

Santeria Religion

Ifa Religion

Religion Yoruba

Spiritual Symbols

Shango Yemaya

Set of 6 Elekes / Set De 6 Collares De Santeria, Religion Yoruba, Afro-cubana by OD,

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Santeria Religion

Yoruba Religion

Plate 7

Plate Dish

Orisha Santos Ifa

Elegguá Orisha

Orisha Finds

Yoruba Lucumi

Lukumi Santeria Orisha

Eleggua Decorated Plate 7", Babalawos, Ifa, Santeria, Yoruba, Lucumi by OD,

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Afolake's Kitchenfrom Afolake's Kitchen

Orisha Osun: Beautiful Wisdom Mother

Osogbo Sacred

Osun Sacred

Sacred Living

Osogbo Nigeria

Grove Nigeria

High Forests

Dense Forests

Osogbo Osun

Nigeria Regarded

Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, Nigeria - The dense forests are one of the final remnants of high forests in southern Nigeria. It is the last sacred grove of the Yoruba culture.

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Religion Afrocubana

Esoteric Religion

Yoruba Religion

Santería Yoruba

Ancient Yoruba

Spirituality African

African Spiritual

Diaspora Religions

Afronola Religions

# Santeria pratictioner (Cuba, 1996) @ Photo by Phyllis Galembo

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Santeria Research

Beads Gias






Google Images

Image Result

Google Image Result for

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Sacred Beadwork

Bite Enter

Devine Intervention

And Beads

Snake Bite





Shango Bracelet The Orisha Of Justice by houseofeleggua on Etsy, $18.00

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Oriki Oshun

Oshun Goddess

Voodoo Spirit Dolls

Spirit Goddess Dolls

Loas Y Orishas

Orishas Art

Voodoo Vodou

Hoodoo Voodoo

Magick Rootwork

Oshun Santería Goddess Doll

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Santeria Yemaya

Cuba Santeria

Santeria Altar

Espiritismo Santeria Ifa

Altar Http

Altar In

Religion Altar

Cuba Religion

Yemaya Altars

Santeria Altar for Yemaya

Travel Designery

Yoruba Gods

Ancient Yoruba

Yoruba Goddess

Yoruba Afrocubana

Santeria Altar

Santeria The Ancient

Santeria Yoruba

Obatala Altar

Obatala Orisha

Devotees inside the Obatala Shrine in Ile-Ife, Nigeria playing bells and dancing for Obatala.

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Erzulie Danthor

Tuesday Goddess

Muerte Santa Voodoo

Spirits Voodoo

Statue Representing

Caribbean Spirituality

Spiritual Essence

Days Goddesses

Voodoo Santeria

Saint Barbara Lucumi/Santa Barbara Afircana or Erzulie Danthor, beautiful statue representing a powerful and spiritual essence.

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African Gods

West African

Oyo Empire

Double Ax

Benin Yoruba Edo

Earth Atmosphere

Ancient Yoruba

African Wood

African Arts

Shango was the forth king of the ancient Oyo Empire, the West African center of culture and politics for the Yoruba people.After his death, he became known as the god of thunder and lightning. In artwork, such as this wood carving, he is often depicted with a double ax on his head, the symbol of a thunderbolt, or he is depicted as a fierce ram

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Protection Money

Spell Protection

Protection Amulets

El Natural

Natural Herbs

Spiritual Things

Things Wiccan

Santeria Spell

Brouhaha Sites

A candle shelf inside a botanica. The candles are used for a different Santeria spell—Protection, Money, Love, Go Away Evil, etc. Herbs and oils are usually sprinkled and dripped over the top of the candle to execute the spell, with each color representing a different intention.

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Brouhaha Sites

Secret Pinz








Botanica case containing statues and ritual booklets common to Santeria practice.

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Program There'S

Travel Program

Santeria Religion

Yoruba Religion

International Expeditions

Cuban Population

B Gc Lessons Arts

History Coupled

African Religion Magic

Cuba's rich and long history, coupled with isolation from much of the developing world until recently, has created a unique culture on the island nation that will intrigue and surprise visitors as they delve into the daily lives of locals on International Expeditions’ people-to-people Cuba travel program. There's even a religion among parts of the Afro-Cuban population on the island, known as the Santeria religion, that may be completely unfamiliar to individuals from other parts of the…

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