Balinese ladies

Balinese ladies bringing offerings to the Hindu temple. Driving around Bali on festival days is serious eye candy. Colorful Photography :: Beautiful People :: Ethnic :: Tribal :: Love & Discover the World :: ZAIMARA Inspirations :: Breathtaking Images::


Indian girl with green eyes (© Mirjam Letsch Photography) . I normally do not enjoy makeup on a child, but I realize it is a cultural difference, and this is a lovely portrait.

Tibetan woman feeding marmots

Tibetan woman feeding marmots (that will be me someday! Minus the Tibetan part)

Little dancer, Sri Lanka

little dancer, Sri Lanka by babasteve - Pixdaus - what a beautiful little face!

Korean Dancer, stunning

Peace - Korean Dancer at the Mayor of London's Thames River Festival 2007

Omo Valley. Ethiopia.

Ethiopia - woman carrying maize / corn and grinding stone. Jeremy Curl Photography Originally shared by Aboriginal & Tribal Nation News


PERU, CHINCHERO: Elderly Quechua man wearing the distinctive hat and costume from the village of Chinchero knits a complicated pattern in alpaca wool using four knitting needles at the Sunday market in the Sacred Valley of Peru (© Tina Manley)

Churning your own butter - Amish life

Churning your own butter - Amish life (my non-Amish grandmother used to churn butter)

Il Palio, Siena, Italy

Il Palio di Siena, Italy - a horse race that is held twice each year, on July 2 and August in Siena, Tuscany, Italy.


Gypsy: “Dance is active meditation. When we dance, we go beyond thought, beyond mind and beyond our own individuality to become one in the divine ecstasy of the union with the cosmic spirit. This is the essence of the trance dance experience.

A Local Winemaker Pressing Her Grapes at the Cantina, Torano Nuovo, Abruzzi, Italy

A Local Winemaker Pressing Her Grapes at the Cantina, Torano Nuovo, Abruzzi, Italy

Old School - local winemaker pressing her grapes at Cantina Torano Nuovo in Abruzzi, Italy

Bolivian culture :)

Cultures of south America. Bolivia celebrates Labor Day or Día del Trabajo in which all stores and businesses shut down in honor of the celebration. Everyone participates.


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