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too true... too true.

Funny pictures about A better love story. Oh, and cool pics about A better love story. Also, A better love story photos.

Love Harry Potter.

Yes, I am a Christian. No, I don't think Harry Potter is evil. This is exactly me I'm like I am Christian and I do believe in God but that doesn't mean I can't read about wizards and love witches. It's not like I'm devoted to witchcraft.

Too true.

Fact, for me this is an absolute deal breaker with NO exceptions.

I's true :)

yes, it is my life. yes, i've read the books a lot. yes, i cried all during the last film. yes, i'll read the series to my kids

This explains so much...

I love this. I know people who won't let their children read the Potter books because they're only about magic and witchcraft.

Ron & Hermione.i usually don't pin Harry potter pins, but this was too cute to pass up.

If you've read the books you'll understand who hugo is. This is so sweet it nearly made me cry! And I'm not a crying person I'm just a Crazy harry potter fan!