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    Rajib Konar
    Rajib Konar
    Rajib Konar

    Rajib Konar

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    "Good design can’t be achieved with glossy buttons or masterful wireframes alone. It’s a merger of all these principles into something that is meaningful." #webdesign #ideas #inspiration. Category: Web Design / Graphics Design / User Interface (UI)

    The BottomLine magazine anniversary issue.

    Experience Design - A Framework for Integrating Brand Experience and Value

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    Her smile makes our world a dreamland... her encouragement makes us feel that we are the King... she is calm... she is innocent... she is caring... Yes it's the "Motherhood"

    Behance, android concept design.

    What better gift can a painter/ designer get in return when the world celebrates his shades of pencil... as if his canvas is spreading happiness everywhere!!!

    The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

    I am lost... somewhere in the crowd...But I am sure my passion will help me to stand out of the crowd... one day!!!

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    My creative ideas spreading it's light... my energy is my passion for design

    Few of us are responsible to push them towards darkness.. But they are not weak, they know how to stand back and face the challenge... They are "Woman"

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    Let's bring Peace together, from all around the world (One word telling loads of stories)

    All creative names who performed as a team and tried to be a part of the same HEAD (One team). (Name of all team members of Capgemini University)

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