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    Rajib Konar
    Rajib Konar
    Rajib Konar

    Rajib Konar

    • Mumbai, India

    "Good design can’t be achieved with glossy buttons or masterful wireframes alone. It’s a merger of all these principles into something that is meaningful."

    Calligraphy collection by By Pokras Lampas

    Hand-drawn logotypes, marks, and custom letterings by Martin Schmetzer. Martin Schmetzer is a Stockholm, Sweden based artist and graphic designer focusing

    Chuo 89.1 FM poster by Ross Pr // #dJ Sir-ett #dJ Hobo #dJ Sweetcheeks

    warzelnia . Website . Appartment . Lightful . Simple chic . Design . Inpiration . Graphics over photo . home deco . Interior design . Essential

    ILLUSTRATIONS - 2011-2012 by Matt Edwards, via Behance

    Wine Route Posters by Renate Avis - ik vind het een leuk idee dat er woorden met informatie zijn gebruikt voor de fles en het wijnglas. de lijn die gebruikt is voor de route vormt ook gelijk de wijn die in het glas wordt geschonken. deze poster vind ik origineel, pakkend en leuk #webdesign #ideas #inspiration. Category: Web Design / Graphics Design / User Interface (UI)

    Thoughts which came to light collection site collection - petal #webdesign #ideas #inspiration. Category: Web Design / Graphics Design / User Interface (UI)

    The BottomLine magazine anniversary issue.

    Experience Design - A Framework for Integrating Brand Experience and Value

    IDEO human centered design toolkit via Slideshare

    Group Business Process Management - iPad App

    Concept Visual Design for Library Management Android Native App.

    Upload product information screen for Rental Moola.

    RentalMoola concept Hi-Fi Visual Design.

    Logo creating for Knowledge Services