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Rachel Fouse Johnson
Rachel Fouse Johnson

Rachel Fouse Johnson

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I've come to test the timber of my heart, Joe Pug lyric. Hand-lettered by Katie Mack of Tall Whiskey Ginger.

Where to find thrifty home school supplies! If you want homeschool supplies to help sumpliment your teaching there are lots of thrifty places to gather great materials!

Check out this awesome LEGO geology!

LEGO Sundial Science Experiment plus many other fun hands on science activities for learning about the sun and our solar system for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and more (astronomy, homeschool,)

A Giant List of Living Literature for Teaching Geography - each continent would make a great unit study

FamilyFun.......Would be a great project to do alongside Swiss Family Robinson

Fun Family Activities for Swiss Family Robinson - World For Learning

The truth is- I couldn't make a homeschool lesson plan book work for me. I tried everything from little squares to digital boxes. The trouble was, it didn't fit. Come see what I use now and how it fosters accountability and independence in my children at the same time!

Avocado Vegan "Cream Cheese" | grubmarket.com

Tons of free, printable blackline maps from all over the world.

It has been my experience that guilt can burst through the smallest breach and cover the landscape, and abide in it in pools and danknesses, just as native as water. Marilynne Robinson

"Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency." — Maya Angelou

Weary or bitter of bewildered as we may be, God is faithful. He lets us wander so we will know what it means to come home. Marilynne Robinson

Sensory Star Program- Self-Regulation Sensory Diet Strategies for home and school settings. www.toolstogrowot.com

Start homeschooling with Khan Academy | Using KA in homeschool | Khan Academy

Homemade Shampoo + Conditioner | tiffanylanehandmade

Morning basket

How to teach Latin in your homeschool, when you can't speak it yourself!

Latin Games and Curriculum for Elementary. How to enjoy Latin with your elementary homeschool student. This is a fun approach with Latin games and printables.