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Dairy Goat Breeds - Milk, Butter and Protein by breed - in order of fat…

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8 Super Easy Steps to Delicious Tasting Goat Milk

If you follow my 8 SUPER easy steps you will have delicious tasting goat milk every time!

A Simple Guide to Buying your First Goat

A Simple Guide to Buying Your First Goat #goats #farm #backyard #homestead #animals #urbanfarming #kids

Basic Goat Health Information

FREE Basic Goat Health Information, Upkeep and Health Tracker Printable. Keep track of your goats information on a regular basis.

To avoid being overwhelmed and disappointed, it's a good idea to carefully identify your purpose before getting Nigerian Dwarf goats. Here are some tips

raising goats for beginners. Hoof maintenance is ubber important! Get the scoop here

How to Milk a Goat: Step by Step Pictures

The EASIEST Tutorial on how to milk a goat! Follow my step-by-step pictures and you'll be a professional before you know it! The most important thing is to