Rosanna Gamson/ World Wide

Rosanna Gamson/ World Wide

Los Angeles, CA  ·  Performing & visual artists of diverse backgrounds and countries creating sumptuous, entertaining, provocative dance theater about living in the world together.
Rosanna Gamson/ World Wide
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Guantanamo Bay has been used to incarcerate dozens of terrorists who have admitted plotting terrifying attacks against the West – while imprisoning more than 150 totally innocent people, top-secret files disclose.

The prison appears in propaganda. But jihadists fight for other reasons.

Family Trees, Sugaring, Family Tree Chart


Honorable Mention Nature --- Photo and caption by Réka Zsirmon/National Geographic Photo Contest --- Flying Egrets --- On a good day in the field, a birder might see flock of birds. Tidal area of the Danube in Hungary.


Anna Vasilievna Bigus 88 was sent to the Gulag in Norilsk at age 19 for surviving the German invasion of her village in Ukraine.


This picture was taken at the majestic Iguazú Falls. The flight of these flock of swifts across the huge waterfalls portrait the sense of freedom and wildness that belongs to this fantastic world wonder. (Photo by Francesco Filippo Pellegrini)

Lexie & Lavinia

Lexie & Lavinia