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Haunt me hate me

Haunt me hate me

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This Forest Is Filled With Ghosts

Abandoned amusement park!

Woman Claims She Photographed an Entity that had Been Following Her? A young Floridian woman claims she photographed an entity that had bee... this is very strange and a bit disturbing

Creepy Little Girl Diary…

Chilling: Inside a Demon House. It’s called “The Demon of Brownsville Road,” and a Pittsburgh family claims this creature terrorized them for years, until exorcists forced it to leave. The true events that transpired inside the historic house are now the subject of new book. The Cranmer family says they’re publishing their nightmarish story to hopefully help other families avoid doing battle with a demon. From “bleeding walls,” to “broken metal crosses” the family claims they experienced ...

Taken some time in the early 90s creepy AF

I once had this idea. I suppose I could finally make it...

An old English folktale tells of a priest who said the gargoyles of his church came to life at night, and told him things. City folk at first did not believe in the priest's tales and he was removed from the church. Many of his predictions, allegedly heard from the gargoyles, came true...

The Whittington Hospital ghost, London : evidence of an haunted active hospital This is the mysterious image which ghost hunter Leonard Low says proves that something paranormal lies beneath the Whittington Hospital in Highgate. The father of two was visiting a friend who was having surgery in the Archway Road hospital when he

Shadow People Archives. Very interesting and helpful if you have ever seen one. www.shadowpeople....

Judith Tompkins was only eight years old when she disappeared in the late 1800's, Her father was rich and he dabbled in photography. This was the last image taken of Judith before she disappeared. Her father died in prison after being convicted in her disappearance. This image shows a hint that something else may have been at work. Mr. Quiet Movie

very creepy stories that are true | Real-life Scarily True Ghost Stories (32 pics) -

Real-life Scarily True Ghost Stories (32 pics)

I heard this story as a kid, but it's still creepy

Picture after house was empty of people

Blairsden Mansion in Peapack, NJ is most popular for its legend of the mass murder of the nuns that used to live there, and their ghosts that haunt the grounds to this very day.

Haunted and creepy

  • Keri Rivera
    Keri Rivera

    I just watched a special about this a week ago. Very interesting.


The expressionless...OMFG this is scary!

Scary: The Expressionless -

Parenting, Darth Vader style

“This photo was taken at a wedding by a friend of a colleague. The wedding party was held at an old farm in Norway, famous for being the former home of M. Munthe (a children’s book author). There was no one present at the wedding wearing black, and the picture was taken by one of the guests. The professional photographer had no ‘natural’ explanation for the ‘figure.’ He hadn’t seen any camera ‘glitch’ like it before, and they said no one else was standing where the figure is standing.

This is exactly what I think will happen if you leave your legs hanging off the edge of your bed when you are sleeping. WTFWTFWTFWTFWTF

Blood Footprints Runner I think it would be creepier if it weren't a runner. Cut the footprints out and double-sided tape them down going either in or out of the house. Some "bloody smears on and around the door would add to the creepy.