Ana Rosa

What to do with chipped china

Image Via: A Feminine Tomboy

Collecting old teacups ~ What a great idea. I love tea, can't keep tea cups, they're always getting broken. The mismatch idea makes it unique. Love it.

tea time

T i m e - I've done this before for lovely centerpieces - a big English rose in a lovely rose tea cup, it turned out beautifully.

Tea set

Beautiful teapot and teacup w/saucer, pink and dark rose design with gold band trim. Pinned by "Dishes are my weakness by mai.

Vintage Lilac Purple Shelley Tea Cup and Saucer

Vintage Lilac Purple Shelley Tea Cup and Saucer Set - Lavender Teacup Set - Purple Shelley Oleander Cup and Saucer

Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup Ornament - The Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland Teacup Disney Ornament. Resin 2 H x 3 D x W Braided cord for hanging features holly and berries trim. The Queen of Hearts and her card soldiers are the characters adorning the teacup.

teacups & saucers

style Teacups with little birds. Who wouldn't love to sip tea outta these cuties. Saucer is sweet as well.