stairway at the onetime home of french outsider-artist robert tatin

this would be so cool to do on the stairs to the Art Room at school! Staircase by French artist Robert Tatin

Patagonia, Argentina

Nature photo of people swimming in a river with mountain and trees in the scenery - Yosemite National Park, USA.


Montreal - Only place i would want to live in the winter. Snow covered, but still colorful and happy.

Berlin, Germany

The Holocaust Memorial. Information about International Holocaust Remembrance Day 27 January 2013

pingxi lantern festival, taiwan

It's like Tangled! :D Floating lanterns will definitely light up your wedding or reception. Each guest writes a wish for the newlyweds on the lanterns and then, all together, they are released and light up the evening sky.

Every summer artists are invited to come to the Swiss village of Vercorin and create artwork that unites the village. In 2010 Lang/Baumann were given the task, and they decided to paint the roads bright colors to contrast the old historical architecture of the town. Children used these bright colored stripes to skate, run and bike on.

MY COMMENT: This would work nice in a carpet design. "Every summer the small Swiss town of Vercorin offers up its public spaces and buildings to artists to create contemporary works of art. This is Lang/Baumann‘s 'Street Painting

reindeer, northern Mongolia, Tim Walker

Or if you don't have a horse.well, you ride a reindeer! Photograph by Tim Walker for Vogue December 2011 In northern Mongolia, reindeer territory, Puje fearlessly explores the wild landscape.


Getaway: A Home in Bali

Mosquito Bay (also known as Bioluminescent Bay) is a popular destination for Puerto Rico visitors, due to the presence of bioluminescent plankton – tiny half-plant/half-animal  organisms in the water that light up in the night when disturbed by movement. Visitors can take midnight kayak tours  or even swim among the plankton, which I imagine would feel something like swimming in a starry sky.

My travel “bucket list”

Sea of Stars. bioluminescent phytoplankton at Vaadhoo Island, Maldives. Nature does the most amazing things

turkey -- The cascading pools of Pamukkale are said to have curing powers from the last century BC. People still enjoy soaking their feet from days of travel.

cascading pools in Pamukkale, Turkey: HAD to walk around barefoot (seriously shoes not allowed) SO COOL :)

sloth sanctuary in costa rica

Baby Sloth Orphanage: The Cutest Place on Earth

Who knew baby sloths were soo cute! Check out Slothville, I just watched a documentary.Violet and Sebastian are adorable!

Plaza Athénée, Paris

The weekend is here and what better way to spend it than in Paris! These gorgeous photographs by Shini Park of Park & Cube are of her night spent at the Plaza Athenee, Paris … perfect!