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What to pack for a week in Norway

What to pack for a week in Norway

Aurore boréale

Aurora Borealis in Kitdalen, Norway. Canon camera, Nikon mm lens at 14 mm and f sec exposure, ISO Hope you enjoy! by Wayne Pinkston (via Atmospheric Phenomena: Beautiful Aurora Borealis on the night sky)

lazy girl workout - Christina Carlyle

Do you know you should workout but just don't want to? If so, you are going to LOVE this lazy girl workout from Christina Carlyle.

arm flab

I got rid of my arm flab in just three months and using only 5 pound weights! It only takes 15 minutes, 4 times a week to get toned arms.

I can disagree on a few of those.... but spot on for the most part

Capricorn - I don't put a lot of stock into zodiac stuff, but it's interesting to me how accurate it can be sometimes ;) not all of these are right but some of them are spot on

As the Mister can attest, I love scarves but ...

I don't really wear scarfs that often, but I do have a few scarfs. I've just never known how to tie them. Maybe this year I'll make more of an effort. (: I'm a big scarf lover & this How To is great for showing you tips on how to tie!