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Some cleaning hacks are just a waste of time. These are my favorite cleaning hacks that ACTUALLY WORK! No baking soda and vinegar here.

Gut health issues are SO common today, and rarely JUST look like stomach aches and gas. You can heal your gut, but it& gonna take a little effort.

This Homemade Drain Cleaner Will Banish Clogs For Good

If your drain isn't flowing as easily as it should, then it's probably a bit clogged. Instead of paying big bucks for chemical-filled concoctions, try fixing the problem yourself with a homemade drain cleaner.

What's more disgusting than cleaning a toilet? Not much! I'm not saying that you will never have to clean your toilet at all, but in between those times, you ca…

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Make Your Own: Eco-Friendly Dryer Sheets

Not only is this laundry solution seriously smart, it is also awesomely eco-friendly. For only pennies, you'll have dryer sheets that can be used over and over and over again. What makes these dryer sheets better than their store-bought counterparts is

Did you know that borax is more than just a detergent booster? It actually can be used in many applications! Since it's natural and chemical-free, it's the perfect ingredient for many nontoxic cleaners!...

Borax is not just a detergent booster, there are many amazing borax uses you might not know. Moreover, it is natural and chemical free! See these 10 handy uses for borax.