Riccardo Mancini

Riccardo Mancini

Riccardo Mancini
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l i s a c o r n e l i s

mid century wood secretary drawers // styled with lots of plants potted and wall art // black and white geometric rug

elective corner gallery, salon style

very lovely 'that awkward corner' picture gallery - looks so cute that guests will end up standing in the corner facing the wall when they come over.


For corner in front of stairs. One chair and a side table. Place photos extending from a corner gives a an interesting display and makes use of corners that are often wasted. Never thought to put a cluster of pictures in a corner !

Beverly II Art Print, Botanical Art, urban jungle trend, botanic trend, plant trend, modern wall art, contemporary art print, tropical art, palm leaf print

Available for purchase Beverly II Leaves Green Plants Drawing Illustration Tree Bush Fern Flower Painting Art Modern Water Color Beautiful Natural

lush green leaves vegetation botanicals

Beautiful linework art by Warsaw based designer and illustrator Agata Wierzbicka