Want to do this

i shall try bedazzling my EOS, to combine my EOS obsession with my Mabel Pines/Gravity Falls obsession :)

eos lip balm need all!

Need to get the watermelon wonderland and the sweet vanilla nonsense and blueberry potion

"eos :)"

EOS Lip Balm would love to try other flavors, as I have summer fruit in hand. EOS lotion would love the pink one.


I have partnered with the very popular EOS (evolution of smooth) . Every celebrity uses EOS lip balms and they are constantly photographed .


eos lip balm- I love them! Just missing the light purple one below the Sweet Mint (Blue) one

EOS! Love these

It is an organic lip balm that comes in many different flavors. It really makes my lips soft.

eos ♡

EOS Organic Lip balm authentic - 10 flavours available, you choose. eos lip balm is organic, natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Want to buy all 10 flavours? Want to buy 3 flavours?


EOS lip balm is amazing! I have 2 strawberry sorbets and a rasberry pomegranante! I want to hopefully add to my collection and get all the eos above:*

Rainbow EOS lip balm.

We should do this, haha Rainbow EOS lip balm. They are amazing on your lips! This one looks like the mint kind that someone bedazzled!