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Twitter’s Changed Design : UI Matches With Mobile

Twitter’s Changed Design for Their Desktop Website and Now the UI Matches With Mobile Interface. Let Us Dig Out the Details.

Internet of Everything

Internet of Everything might be the new industrial revolution as long as we can fill the gaps on the security of networks and training part.

Piwik Analytics vs Google Analytics For the Sake of Data Privacy

Piwik Analytics vs Google Analytics does not stand to be compared. Users must understand the power of Open Source Software for Data Privacy.

How Pinterest Turned On the Power of Graphical Illustration for Business

Pinterest for Business is Probably the Most Powerful Tool as a Replacement of Google Image Search. Let us think about the dimensions.

Electric Toothbrush and Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Technically, the phrase Electric Toothbrush covers the Ultrasonic Toothbrush entity too. But, as both Electric Toothbrush and Ultrasonic Toothbrush are consumer grade products, they are different entity and the products are named accordingly indicating the technology working behind.

What is Drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)?

The size and mass of a Done depends on the desired operational capabilities – few grams to several tons. The autopilot system or control from the ground opens a new opportunities for very long flights of several tens of hours.

Why My WordPress is So Slow : Fix

WordPress is basically a blogging platform written in PHP which uses MySQL database. When WordPress was first written, the target was never in mind to make it a highly scalable platform – frankly, there was no resource. MySQL, possibly the most used database with PHP combination has certain issues – itself it is not great for performance.

Creating RESTful API for Your Self Hosted iOS App

Creating RESTful API for your self hosted iOS App on your domain’s sub directory with this easy guide.

How to Analyze Network Traffic to Detect Advanced Persistent Threats

Many IT workers feel more like firemen than like networking professionals. They detect network attacks, respond to them and move on to the next problem.