Cute frozen banana and chocolate penguin snack

cute frozen banana and chocolate penguin snack. If I ever need a pen name it will be Frozen Banana Penguin.

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Cool Food Art Pictures : we love this inspiration for fun food crafts and snack to keep the kids happy over summer vacation!

Cute Banana Dolphins Eating Grapes

Cute idea for healthy children's snacks! fantastic fruit dolphins // healthy snack idea for school parties, birthday parties and to serve after school, love these

A banana dog. You could even have him playing in the snow (aka icecream!!) Food Art:

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This blueberry and banana creation makes for a great party snack. Source: Instagram user dawnn3

Dolphin Tale

Blueberry banana dolphin snacks for a mermaid-themed tea party

In sakura (cherry blossom) jelly: | Community Post: 11 Extreme But Elegant Edible Flower Foods

Sakura (cherry blossom) jelly with mousse, tulip ice cream bowls Extreme But Elegant Edible Flower Foods)


Pirate party or just a cute way to decorate a banana for a fun lunch box treat. (Bananas are a good source of fiber, but to kids this just looks like fun! Kids need fiber to have healthy poo that makes potty training easier!

Banana Dog

Home Grown Enesco Produce Animal Figurine Puppy Love Dog 4030684 Banana Beagles