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What a giggle! Could not resist including him!

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Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India. The word is associated with meditative practices in Hindu...

Animals doing Yoga!

18 Exotic Animals Doing Yoga

Yoga Bear is not the only centered animal in the zoo. (Or on the tundra, or in the eucalyptus tree, or whatever location may apply.) I tried to organize these poses into a nice sequence, so you can follow along at home!

lindalemonjello: Sharon Montrose Animal Photography
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Sharon Montrose Animal Photography

I've had animal photography on my mind a whole lot this month, which is one more reason why the work of Sharon Montrose has really stood out to me. I thought you would enjoy it, too. You can buy prints on her etsy shop, or just check out her whole portfolio at

YOGA in nature's way by Tony George, via Flickr
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YOGA in nature's way

Today I will teach the yoga of nature

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Bahaha! Yoga dog.
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Bahaha! Yoga dog.