New York pt. III

Lovely Illustration Logo Design with Type {love the simplicity and colors} // New York pt. III by J Fletcher

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this logo blew my mind

A neat pet store logo. The best part about this is the mark of the logo, which looks like a dog and a bird due to an optical illusion. The art also ties into the pet store name, which is Feathers and Fur.



The type of this text choose a little different. The "h" is change to a chair like design. Of course this makes a very well logotype.

By Chase Tuberville

Columbus Creative

This design is not really creative to me because it just a paint brush making a c a toddler could have come up with that. Also the name has creative in it and the design does not live up to the name.

eco-eclectic furniture store logo by J Fletcher design—bearing stark similarity in typography to my own mock logo design for the brand concept Celadon Hotel

Paracord Projects: How to make a Giant Paracord Monkey Fist with a Pool Ball - DIY Ready -

NBC Original LOGO - remember this?

First animated NBC "In Living Color" Peacock logo appeared in 1957