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Graphics at Design Observer

Illustrated essays about visual culture by Rick Poynor

A spread from Chris Marker's book Commentaires 1, published by Éditions du Seuil, Paris, 1967. From the essay: The Filmic Page: Chris Marker's Commentaires. observatory.desig...

Cover of Pour une critique du design graphique, published by Éditions B42, 2012. Design: deValence. From the essay: Updating the Maps of Graphic Design History

Works That Work magazine, edited and published by Peter Bil’ak, 2013. Design: Atelier Carvalho Bernau. From the essay: The Practical Virtue of Works That Work

Poster showing Flixel by Just van Rossum from Fuse no. 2, Runes, 1991. From the essay: Rethinking Conceptual Type Design

Design no. 425, May 1984. Design: Keith Ablitt. Illustration: Nancy Slonims. From the essay: The House That Design Journalism Built

Onward Christian Soldiers screen print, Australia, 1979. Design: Michael Callaghan and others, Redback Graphix. From the essay: Inkahoots and Socially Concerned Design: Part 1

No Vacancy poster for Inner Brisbane Housing Network, Australia, 2000. Design: Inkahoots. From the essay: Inkahoots and Socially Concerned Design: Part 2

Festival of Youth! poster, France, 1976. Design: Grapus with Michel Quarez. From the essay: Utopian Image: Politics and Posters

Poster design: Dignidad Rebelde, 2011. From the essay: Why the Activist Poster is Here to Stay

Signal no. 2, 2012, published by PM Press. Design: Alec Dunn & Josh MacPhee. Illustration: Røde Mor. From the essay: Sending Signals about Political Graphics

Cover of the monograph Wim Crouwel — Mode en module, published by 010, 1997. Design: Karel Martens and Jaap van Triest. From the essay: Wim Crouwel: The Ghost in the Machine

Modern Poetry in Translation magazine, Spring 1975. Design: Richard Hollis. From the essay: The Enduring Influence of Richard Hollis

Cover of Graphic Design: Now in Production, Walker Art Center, 2011. Catalogue concept: Andrew Blauvelt and Emmet Byrne. Design: Michael Aberman. From the essay: Read All That? You Must be Kidding Me

Poster for The Walking Dead, television series developed by Frank Darabont, 2010. From the essay: How We Learned to Live with Zombies

Cover of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (album by Neutral Milk Hotel), book no. 29, Continuum, 2005. From the essay: On My Shelf: Continuum's 33 1/3 Series

April Greiman with Jayme Odgers, Wet magazine cover, 1979. Source: Victoria and Albert Museum, London. From the essay: Did We Ever Stop Being Postmodern?

Poster for Forms of Inquiry/Iaspis Forum, 2009. Design: Jonas Williamsson. From the essay: A Swedish Perspective on Critical Practice

Cover of The Dictionary of Visual Language, written and designed by Philip Thompson and Peter Davenport, Penguin, 1982. From the essay: Books Every Graphic Designer Should Read